Weekly Meal Prep

Our Executive Chefs prepare a fridge full of beautiful meals; they take care of the shopping, cooking, and cleaning. All you need to worry about is which restaurant-quality meal you want to eat first!

Time poor?

Struggling for Inspiration?

Don't like cooking?

Want to eat well but don't know how?

Want to experience more variety?

Welcome to The Executive Chef – a unique meal preparation service brought to you by a team of passionate, trained professional chefs. We operate across Melbourne preparing nutritious and delicious weekly meals for you and your whole family. We’re a full end-to-end service that buys all the groceries, prepares all your meals in your own home, and then cleans up to leave you with nothing but a fridge full of incredible food.

We cater for a range of tastes & dietary requirements, so if you’d like to know more about how our weekly meal prep service works, get in touch now. 

Weekly Meal Prep is Ideal for

Families that are passionate about spending quality time together and eating healthy balanced meals.

Executives who prioritize their downtime but want to eat well without the hassle of eating out.

People who want to enjoy a variety of delicious, fresh meals tailored to their specific needs.

How It Works

Tell us a bit about you and what you like

In order to make the best food for your lifestyle, we need to know a few particulars: Do you have any dietary preferences or requirements we should know about? When do you want your meals prepared? How many portions will you need?

Choose Your Menu

Choose from our weekly selection of delicious meals, made using fresh and seasonal produce. We can modify any meal to suit your dietary needs. 

Choose Your Menu

Choose from our weekly selection of delicious meals, made using fresh and seasonal produce. We can modify any meal to suit your dietary needs. 

Let us take care of the dishes

Your private chef shops, cooks your meals and cleans your kitchen – leaving you with a fridge full of delicious food.

What our clients enjoy the most

“It’s like eating at a high-end restaurant in the comfort of your own home. Great food, service and value.”David H.Caulfield

“Gomez and the team at The Executive Chef provided the most incredible Christmas lunch – fresh seafood, tasty salads and the most delicious glazed ham. They completely took the stress out of Christmas allowing us to really enjoy the day with our family.”

Sally B.

“The weekly meal prep is a lifesaver. I can plan my meals, mix and match and know that each week I will be eating something different. The food is fresh and I know that when I get home all I need to worry about is what meal I want to eat first.”

John P.

“What a dinner party! Our dining room came to life with great food and service. For once, not only were my guests having a ball but I was able to enjoy myself too! Thanks Gomez for a spectacular evening.”

Alison G.
Middle Park

“Sensational meals and superb attention to detail. I love how Gomez and his team always remember my family’s tastes and dietary requirements. Nothing is too much trouble and they are always a pleasure to deal with.”

Mary K

Menu For Week Of


Questions about this service
Where are your Weekly Meal Prep services available?

Culinista Kitchen® Weekly Meal Prep service is available in New York City, the D.C. metro area, and Los Angeles. If you need a chef in upstate New York, Westchester County, Fairfield County, CT, the Hamptons, or a different location, email q@theculinistas.com and we’ll try our best to source a chef for you. We service these markets seasonally & upon request.

Where do you service?
Currently, The Executive Chef services the Melbourne metropolitan area. However, we are always open to expanding our services to new areas.
How much does the Weekly Meal Prep Service cost?

Weekly service starts at $350+GST plus groceries.

Can I customise dishes to my family’s dietary requirements and taste preferences?
Of course, you can! We publish a seasonal menu that will rotate weekly and can be customized to suit you and your family. Our chefs not only specialize in regional cuisines, but come equipped to handle various dietary and nutritional needs. Whether your household is gluten free, low FODMAP, vegetarian or anything else, we have the expertise to adapt to your needs.
Is the Weekly Meal Prep service a drop off service?
No. Our chefs shop locally, sourcing fresh, seasonal ingredients, and cook each week’s dishes in your own home. No delivery coordinating. No wasteful drop off packaging. No mystery ghost kitchen.
How any meals do I get out of one chef visit? What about portion sizes?
Dishes should last you half a week, or about 3-4 days. Our dishes are designed to be mixed and matched and eaten throughout the week, so portions are relative to how each household is using each dish.  We offer three portion sizes: small (feeds 1-2 people), medium (feeds 3-4 people), and large (feeds 5-6 people). For example, a small portion would feed 1-2 people over 3-4 days. Clients choose a portion size based on household size. You can also portion per dish based on your family’s desire for more or less of a certain dish (want more of our Moroccan chicken tagine or Beans, Beans, Beans? Let us know and we can portion accordingly).
How do you source your chefs?
With over twenty years’ experience in the hospitality industry, we have built a diverse network of culinary professionals. This allows us to send the right person to you. Our chefs have trained in the world’s best restaurants and worked in private residences, yachts and in the air. Our meals are prepared with love, professionalism and style.

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