Best Practices


Empty dishwasher & sink.

Clear at least one shelf in the refrigerator.

Test stove burners, oven, broiler & dishwater.

Keep cleaning supplies on hand (dish soap, sponges/scourers, clean tea towels, paper towels), as well as parchment paper & aluminium foil.

If you have any specific cleaning or care instructions for your kitchen equipment please make notes and email:
Have salt & pepper and at least 4 cups of olive oil on hand at all times.

For weekly service, purchase containers (6 for small / 12 for medium / 18 for large).

Basic Kitchen Requirements

Tools: cutting board, tongs, spatula, whisk.

Equipment: several mixing bowls, 2 pots( 3l and 5l), 2 pans, blender, baking sheet/trays

Pantry Recommendations

Salt: Maldon

Olive Oil: Alto Olive Oil, Robust

Assorted spices

Interacting With Your Chef

Share entry/exit instructions via text/email

Familiarise your chef with the home (smoke alarms, pets, trash, recycling, wash rooms, etc.)

Modifying & Cancelling

Modify the service by emailing Requests within 48 hours of the intended service will be made on a best efforts basis.

Cancel the service by emailing 48 hours before the intended service to prevent being charged the service fee.

Become an Executive Chef

Become an Executive Chef